We Repair Blocked Stormwater Drains in Melbourne

We GUARANTEE to repair blocked stormwater drains within Melbourne. Quick response, right tools and right equipment. Let our experienced plumbers get the job done so you get PEACE OF MIND. Clogged drains are very common but can lead to costly repairs if not fixed by professional drainage plumbers.  All Services Plumbing are drainage experts.

Identifying Blocked Stormwater Drains

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Stormwater drains usually develop problems in times of storms or heavy rainfall – and that can happen at any time of the year in Melbourne! The stormwater drainage system should be designed to accommodate increased water levels, however, pipe damage or blockages can occur and cause serious problems.  The two can usually be identified by the following signs:

Pooling of water around the house or property

Failure of surface grates to clear during heavy rains

Gurgling and other unusual sounds emanating from the drains

Water does not come out at the ends of your downpipes

Blocked stormwater drains should not be taken lightly and should be treated as emergencies. WHY? If left too long, flooded stormwater can get contaminated and pose a serious health risk to marine life, the public and the environment as well.

How do you know if your drain needs unblocking?

A blocked drain or drainage system is usually detected by subtle but noticeable signals such as slow draining in the bathroom sink, gurgling sounds emanating from the bath or a kitchen sink with a stinky smell. Although none of these appear significantly dangerous, the problem will only continue to grow worse if appropriate measures are not taken to fix it.

To deal with the problem, you could start by using a plunger, which should be able to clear minor blockages. You will need professional drainage plumbers if the problem is more serious.

If you believe you have a blocked stormwater drain then you should take prompt action to ensure that your home, the environment and surrounding properties are protected while at the same time saving yourself additional expenses.

All Services Plumbing are expert drainage plumbers in Melbourne and across the Western Suburbs.

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The Top 5 Causes of a Blocked Stormwater Drain in Melbourne

  1. Debris or foreign objects

These can include bits of food, hair and greasy residues from soap. The problem is that even small pieces stuck within the drain cling to other pieces passing through and build up over time into a sizable blockage.

2Storms or heavy rains

The design of regular stormwater drains does not allow for an excessive influx of water. But in a storm or a flash flood, a torrent of water is rushed through the system bringing with it huge volumes of soil and leaf matter that lead to the eventual blockage of the whole system. This is more common in gutters that have not been cleaned for a while so it is a good idea to either clean your gutters yourself or hire someone to clean them for you on a regular basis.

3Broken pipes

Water will not flow freely through a broken pipe and the drain may collapse as the water continues to build up. Tree roots, age and improper installation are the main causes of broken pipes. Tree roots, in particular, can cause serious problems with underground pipes. The problem can be hard to isolate and solve without help from a qualified drainage plumber.

 4Improper installation of pipes

Installing drainage pipes on your own might seem easy when shown on TV, but unless the pipes are properly installed, there is the possibility of their misalignment or collapse and property damage will result.

 5. Lack of maintenance

Always ensure that your gutters are cleaned on a regular basis and that all debris is removed. Fallen leaves and other debris in the gutters will be driven down the drains when it rains where they could cause blockage of the drainage system.

Don’t let blocked stormwater drains within Melbourne ruin your day, call All Services Plumbing for the solution!

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