Do You Have a Blocked Toilet in Melbourne? Let us Repair it!!!

We can HELP you if you have a blocked toilet.  Servicing Melbourne and the Western Suburbs, All Services Plumbing are here to get the job done.  We provide a FAST RESPONSIVE service.

Why fix a blocked toilet?  Most Melbourne residents usually decide to wait and see what happens whenever they are confronted with the symptoms of a blocked toilet. Such early symptoms usually include the abnormally high rising of water levels in the toilet bowl and slow drainage. They could also include gurgling sounds made whenever the toilet is flushed. All these signs indicate that the toilet pipes may be blocked and you have a problem that could easily escalate and restrict the use of the toilet entirely.

Signs of a Blocked Toilet

Blocked Toilet Melbourne

You should engage a qualified plumber if you have a blocked toilet.  All Services Plumbing provides you with quality plumbing services in Melbourne. If you experience any or all of the following signs, call us immediately:

Smelly waste on the floor

Seeping sewer water from the floor waste after flushing the toilet

Overflow of sewer water from external pipes that have grates at their tops

Slow water drainage in other bathroom fixtures like the vanity basin or showers

Causes of a Blocked Toilet

Any of the factors below could lead to the blockage of a toilet:

Overuse of toilet paper

Flushing flushable wipes down the toilet

Flushing a foreign object, such as a toy, down the toilet

Breakage or collapse of a waste pipe

The presence of tree roots inside the sewer pipes

Blocked Toilet Melbourne

Steps to take when your toilet is blocked!

If you have water filling up your toilet bowl, you should not continue trying to push out the waste by continuous flushing of the toilet as this could create an overflow of septic water onto the floor and make for a very unpleasant cleaning job.

As a temporary fix you could try to use a plunger, but there is a chance of the problem recurring if the issue is actually more serious. You should contact a plumber who specialises in blocked toilets. Our experts at All Services Plumbing can help you with this and save you time and money in the process.

Toilet clogging

When you have a clogged toilet, water levels will rise to the bowl and spill on to the floor. In addition, a toilet that seems to need regular plunging may have obstructions within its trap, along the drain pipe or even way down the sewer line. As qualified and experienced plumbers we are more than qualified to diagnose the underlying problem.

Running toilets

One clear sign of a leaking toilet is water that runs for too long in the toilet tank each time the toilet is flushed. A corroded flush valve assembly, overflow pipe or wearing out of a flapper valve could be other causes of the problem.

Don’t self diagnose – call All Services Plumbing in Melbourne and get that blocked toilet fixed!!!

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