We are a Trusted Commercial Plumbing Company in Melbourne

All Services Plumbing are a highly EXPERIENCED commercial plumbing company in Melbourne with a solid reputation. We offer a comprehensive range of services including; all standard plumbing work, gas fitting, scheduled maintenance, prevention of backflow and installation of hose reels and hydrants.

Our commercial services include:

Commercial Plumbing Companies Melbourne

A full fault finding and repair service. Our service covers inspection, testing and installation of appliances. We also deal with all drainage works and gas fitting.

Scheduled maintenance to ensure all aspects of plumbing are functioning efficiently and reliably

Prevention of backflow

Fixing commercial drains, sinks and toilets in schools and multi storey buildings

Installation of hose reels and fire hydrants for commercial, industrial and residential customers

All Services Plumbing can design and install new plumbing infrastructure. We also maintain existing infrastructure on behalf of our customers. We are experienced enough to help all customers decide on the best plumbing systems to use and put those systems in place.

Scheduled Maintenance

Preventive maintenance involves the assessment and audit of systems in order to identify potential weak points, breakdowns and risks prior to their occurrence. They are identified before becoming serious concerns for the business and leading to any losses. It is one of the fastest growing fields of business management today.

Prevention of Backflow

When it comes to preventing the flow of water backwards through the water pipes, All Services Plumbing is one of the most experienced commercial plumbing companies in Melbourne. Depending on the threat levels and the specific application, we can provide different levels of protection that range from reduced pressure zone preventers (which are mainly used for industry where the water could come into contact with chemicals) to garden hoses with vacuum breakers.

A number of residential sites and industries have already installed devices for the prevention of backflow at the boundaries of their properties. However, this only gives them protection for the main external to their property provided by the water supplier. A containment protection is a special device for the prevention of backflow usually located on the downstream side of the water meter.

Drinking water may be contaminated by backflow if the site has cross-connections. In order to prevent this from happening, individual or zone backflow prevention devices can be also installed downstream, especially in high risk places such as plants for mechanical services.

Hose reels and fire hydrants

As licensed plumbers, All Services Plumbing can install, repair and maintain fire hose reels and fire hydrants for residential, industrial and commercial properties.

Choose All Services Plumbing to be your commercial plumbing company in Melbourne – you won’t be disappointed!

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Members of Master Plumbers Association

Over 35 Years Experience

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Quality Workmanship

Fully Licensed in all Areas of Plumbing and Gas Fitting

Professional and Friendly

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