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All Services Plumbing can complete an AFFORDABLE hot water system service, repairs and installations in Melbourne. Don’t be without a hot water for any longer than necessary. Let our experienced plumbers take away the stress of having no hot water !!!!!

Hot Water Systems – What you should know!

hot water system service Melbourne

A hot water system in Melbourne is generally designed to last an average of between 10 to 20 years. However, sometimes problems occur. These problems can compromise the performance of the system and shorten their lifespan. The most common causes are:

Undersized heating units that cannot meet the hot water demands

Faulty control valves, gas pilot, pressure or temperature release valves

Control or gas supply problems

Presence of hydrogen gas sediments and bacteria inside the tanks

Leakage in the tanks, pressure and temperature release valves due to overheating and excessive pressure

It is important to buy a hot water system that can not only meet your demands for hot water, but is also energy efficient. Get it right first time and you will save money on hot water repairs later on.

Types of Hot Water Systems

All Services Plumbing provide professional advice in Melbourne with regard to what types of hot water systems are available. We also provide hot water installation, servicing and hot water system repairs if required. Our plumbers are licensed and qualified to get our customers water heating systems in place and working.

Storage/ Tank Water Heaters

Tank water heaters or storage water heaters as they can be known, have traditionally been the most popular for both commercial and residential usage. The tanks are simply cylindrical containers that keep a lot of water hot and are ready to be used at any time.  Their sizes range between 75 and 400 litres and they can use natural gas, electricity, solar, propane or other sources of energy.

Continuous Flow Water Heaters

These water heaters have become increasingly popular over time and are also alternatively referred to as in-line, instant, on-demand or continuous flow water heaters. They are powerful heaters that do not store or retain any water at all but heat it as it is flowing through them. The tank-less heaters have significant power and money saving advantages, in addition they can provide an unlimited supply of hot water as opposed to the storage water heaters that only supply limited quantities of hot water.

Gas Hot Water Installation

All Services Plumbing supply some of the most efficient and innovative gas hot water systems in Melbourne. We only work with top quality brands from the best manufacturers for all of our customers.

Hot Water System Service Melbourne

Instantaneous gas hot water heaters

An instantaneous gas hot water system never runs out of hot water, as water is heated as it moves through the heating appliance. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of our hot water systems include:

 ♦ Flow rates of between 10-16 litre per minute

 ♦ Endless hot water supply

 ♦ 2-5 star energy efficiency

 ♦ Low to average supply, installation and operation costs

 ♦ Low to medium water pressure

Gas storage tank water heating systems

 ♦ Domestic tank sizes range between 90 and 170 litres for domestic households while larger tanks are available for commercial establishments

 ♦ Quick recovery units with the capacity to supply up to 390 hot water litres per hour

 ♦ Lowest costs for supply and installations average running costs

 ♦ Highest pressure supply for heaters through mains connection

 ♦ Between 3-5 energy star ratings

 ♦ Water kept heated inside the tanks at temperatures chosen above 60 degrees Celsius

Electric Hot Water Systems

All Services Plumbing supply some of the most efficient and innovative electric hot water systems in Melbourne. We only work with top quality brands from the best manufacturers for all of our customers.

Electric storage tank water heating systems

 ♦ Larger tanks are available for commercial installations while domestic tanks range between 20-400 litres in capacity

 ♦ Average costs for supply and installation

 ♦ High operation costs

 ♦ Highest water supply pressure from the mains

Electric instant continuous flow water heating systems

 ♦ Available with between 5-27 litres per minute flow rates

 ♦ Unlimited hot water supply

 ♦ Optional panels for temperature control on selected models

 ♦ Medium to low water pressure and average running costs.

Hot water installation Melbourne

All Services Plumbing will take care of all your hot water system service, repairs and installation within Melbourne and surrounding Western Suburbs.

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