We Install Rainwater Tanks in Melbourne

Want to SAVE money on your water bills? Let All Services Plumbing help you by providing rainwater tank installation within Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Reasons for Installing a Rainwater Tank

There are many reasons why Melbourne residents buy and install rainwater tanks. The main reason is to collect storm water and reduce water consumption from their mains water supply. Other reasons include improving the environment by reducing the volume of storm water and pollutants from households which would otherwise end up in streams. Choosing the right water storage tanks in Melbourne can save you money on your future water bills.

Rainwater tank installation Melbourne

Most home water use in Melbourne is concentrated on tasks such as toilet flushing, laundry and irrigation, all of which do not need the water to be of drinkable standards. Installing a rainwater tank could serve the same purpose while reducing your mains water consumption.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Installing a Rainwater Tank

♦  How much water does your household need?

♦  How many people live with you at home?

♦  What do you intend to use the rainwater on?

 How reliable do you want the water storage tank to be?

♦  How much rainfall does your area receive on average?

♦  What is the size of the roof that will be draining water into the tank?

♦  Is your roof made of safe materials for rainwater collection?

♦  Does your environment have any obstacles that could undermine the quantity and quality of rainwater that is collected in the water storage tank?

♦  Will you need an extra item like a pump and capacity to store drinking water in your tank?

Types of Rainwater Tanks to Install

Rainwater tanks can be installed inside, outside or even below the house and they come in a variety of shapes, materials and sizes. There are 3 main types of rainwater tanks and their distinguishing characteristics are outlined below:

 ♦ Gravity rainwater tanks – they are placed high above the ground and use gravity to supply the house with rainwater

 ♦ Dual supply systems – these have the capacity for alternative top up using mains water supply whenever the level of rainwater reduces significantly

 ♦ Pressure systems use a pump to pressurise and force water into the house.

Water storage tanks Melbourne

What are the most common water storage tanks in Melbourne?

Poly water tanks and plastic water tanks are two of the most popular types of rainwater tanks. At All Services Plumbing we can source and install these for you.

Pump systems for rainwater tanks

Rainwater pump systems can either be free-standing or submersible and they supply water at pressures close or equal to the mains water pressure. While a free-standing pump may be cheaper and usable for a wide range of applications, it comes with a lot of pump noise and also needs to be weather protected. Submersible pumps, on the other hand, do not make a lot of noise and can be installed in much smaller spaces.  A good rainwater tank installation company should be able to help you weigh up and identify the right pump to use.

Let All Services Plumbing install your rainwater tank in Melbourne.

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