We Can Repair Your Sewer Blockage in Melbourne

All Services Plumbing are qualified and experienced, providing peace of mind when it comes to attending to your sewer blockage. We have the right tools and equipment to get the job done promptly. Repairing a blocked sewer in Melbourne is likely to be very expensive if it is postponed for a long period of time so prompt action should be taken.

Signs of a Sewer Blockage

Some of the main signs that could indicate sewer blockage include:

 ♦ Bubbling or gurgling sounds

 ♦ Slow draining in toilets and sinks

 ♦ Odour from floor waste and drains

 ♦ Cracks on floors and walls as well as other structural damages

If you experience any of the signs of a blocked sewer get in touch with All Services Plumbing right away to have the problem promptly inspected and addressed.

Causes of a Blocked Sewer

CCTV Pipe Inspection Melbourne

We frequently retrieve toys that were accidentally flushed down toilets by children. This seems to be the biggest culprit when it comes to the cause of a sewer blockage in Melbourne. However, there exist other problems that could cause a sewer blockage and they include the following:

Tree roots- while searching for water, tree roots may extend much farther and force their way into your sewage pipes thereby bursting and blocking them. This is more common in the drier areas.

Grease or fat- grease or oily fat does not go away when poured into a drain but creates a greasy lining within the pipes that continues building up until the pipe gets blocked completely with time.

Broken pipes- although not as common as the other two are probably the most serious cause of sewer blockage.

Melbourne CCTV Pipe Inspection 

Having tree roots in sewer or storm water pipes is one of the problems for which our service is required. However, since this problem usually occurs below the ground we use special drain cameras – known as CCTV cameras, to probe and diagnose the problem with reliable accuracy. Our CCTV pipe inspection service in Melbourne allows us to see exactly what is blocking the pipe. This enables our plumber to plan the most effective solution to resolve the problem. Our CCTV pipe inspection cameras also come in handy in situations where there are ongoing problems of drainage that require future work.

A cable machine with attachment and blades for cutting roots is usually the tool of choice when removing roots from residential sewers. In many cases, the machine is used together with a Sewer Jetter.

Sewer Blockage Melbourne

Using a Sewer Jetter to unblock your pipes

By using force generated by water under pressure, a Sewer Jetter can flush residue, demolish sewer clogs and scrub greasy drain sides for smooth drainage. The pulling, cleaning force is provided by a small jet nozzle. However, sewer jetting is not advisable if the drainage pipes have either suffered structural damages or weakening by foundation damage, tree roots and other causes.

What to Avoid When You Have a Blocked Sewer

If you have a problem with a blocked sewer, never attempt to fix the problem on your own as this will only provide a temporary solution and create more problems further down the track. For similar reasons, never hire a cheap labourer to fix the problem just to save a few dollars. Look for professional experts to help you deal with the problem.

No matter what the cause of the sewer blockage in Melbourne, All Services Plumbing guarantee that not only will we solve the problem for you, but we will do so affordably and our results will last for many more years to come.

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